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why dont you post pictures of a certain model?
either because we aren’t fans of them or we don’t know who they are. if you think it might be the latter feel free to leave a message for us with their name.

who are your favourite models?
frida gustavsson, abbey lee kershaw, cara delevingne (and more!).

where do you get your pictures from?
we get most of our pictures from tfs, various blogs, vogue, stylebistro, google, etc. if you really must know the origin of a photo, try checking the models tfs thread or asking us. there are also click-through links to where we found the image or its original source on most of our pictures.

are you models?
no, not at all.

how old are you and where are you from?

ashley: 22, california

lucy: 20, england

yuri: 19, florida

who is the model in your icon?

abbey lee kershaw.

do you have any other blogs?

yes, malemodelovemodellovepersonal, agirlcalledshit (fashion) and asullengirl (fiona apple).

you don’t post my favorite model or any male models, where should i go?

for male models, try our counterpart malemodelove. for your favourite models just google tumblr and their name.

why do models have clips/paper in their hair?

the clips are to keep the models hair out of their face while makeup is applied, and the paper is to stop it from leaving a dent in their hair.

will you promote me or my blog?

we don’t do promotions, but if you leave a link to your blog we will most likely check it out. please click Contact on the right side of the page instead of messaging us via tumblr.

why didn’t you credit me for (this image)?

we never intentionally wrongly credit an image or leave one without. i do my best to find the original source or the closest thing to it. if you want us to add credit, please just leave us a message and specify your website/blog and the picture in question.

why dont you like (insert name here)?

we really can’t explain why we dont find certain people attractive, if we dont like them theyre just not our type.

can you stop posting so much of (this) model?

no, we try to never spam too much of one person relentlessly but there’s no point in posting if we have a limit on our favourites. however if you would like to request we post more of someone, go ahead!

what designer/collection is this picture from?

if you ask us, i’ll do my best to find out. if you want to know which collection multiple pictures are from, the best way is to search for their thread on thefashionspot (by googling their name & ‘tfs’) or go to vogue/stylebistro for the latest shows.

who is (this model) you posted?

all of our posts are tagged beneath the picture with the models name, you can find all our tags here.

will you follow me?

modellove is a side blog, we cannot follow anyone on it.

what is your tumblr theme?


if your question wasnt answered here, feel free to contact us on!

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